Originally from California, Steve found and married a young lady from Texas and got here as fast as he could. Following a successful career in film and television in California, Steve moved to Austin with his new family in tow in 2005 and used his skills to transition into career in the sales and management side of real estate. Steve immersed himself in the campus market, quickly expanding his knowledge of the sales and leasing processes. More importantly, he began to learn about the individual neighborhoods around town and the unique qualities they bring to Austin’s culture.

Aside from a vast knowledge of the market, Austin’s neighborhoods, and the process of buying and selling homes, Steve sets himself apart by possessing tremendous patience and understanding which allows him to view each investment representation not simply as a transaction, but rather as a long-term relationship.

Without losing sight of the personal nature of buying a home, Steve has managed to develop his expertise in the purchasing of investment properties with an innate ability to create value in the properties he manages. Steve continues to ue his the skils he has developed on the investment side of the business as he turns his attention to the residential market in the Lake Travis community he calls Home.

In 2008 after opening his own sales leasing and brokerage office, Steve brokered his first multi-family deal, which catapulted him forward into the world of property management. This invaluable experience, coupled with opening his own brokerage in the midst of one of the worst real estate down turns in history, taught him how to manage investments and relationships while guiding clients through a very tough market to find success in their investments.

In addition to a passion for all things real estate, Steve is a family man who is devoted to serving his community and actively involved in many civil organizations including the Lake Travis Youth Association, Ridge Kids/Austin Ridge, and Regent’s Dads Curbside. He is a member of the ABOR, the TBOR, the NBOR, the Texas Real Estate Commission, and the TREPAC.


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