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Helping others is a skill that Sebastian has refined for a majority of his 27 years. The product of a long line of nurses, Sebastian served as caretaker for his mother while finishing high school.  His years spent in Amarillo, TX instilled him with a knack for connecting with others and helping them solve problems.

Upon moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas in 2010, he found himself excited to achieve, while also full of uncertainty.  However, he learned to leverage his grinding persistence and ability to quickly connect with people in order to take on new opportunities.  From working as a solar energy consultant in San Jose, CA to selling alarm systems to homeowners in Washington, D.C., to establishing his first e-commerce business, Sebastian has encountered a wealth of experiences to compliment his expansive network of acquaintances. 
For the last 5 years, he has worked in various roles in Austin real estate, with a focus on helping students and property owners with leasing apartments, condos, and houses near campus and in the greater Austin area real estate submarkets. He is familiar with the best places to live near UT, as well as hidden gems in Hyde Park, affordable living near The Domain, boutique apartment communities in Crestview and Brentwood, and many other niche properties one might find while looking for property to lease or purchase in Austin, TX.

In his spare time outside of locating apartments and selling investment properties around Austin, you can find Sebastian enjoying long dog walks with his beloved Athena, sampling breweries, reading at a (quiet) coffee shop, and woodworking while listening to podcasts.






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