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Student Rentals and Properties to Establish Residency for Sale in Austin, Texas

Student RentalsStudent Rental Properties and Establishing Residency

The University of Texas is one of the finest higher education institutions in the country, so naturally potential students are looking to establish residency to qualify for in-state tuition rates. Here at Realty Pros of Austin we are experts on finding housing for students that is comfortable, affordable and convenient to the UT campus.

Many potential students already know that to qualify for Texas residency, you must be able to prove that you have lived in Texas for 12 consecutive months. However, they may not be familiar with the other requirements, including what to do if your parents are still claiming you on their tax returns. Avoid the possibility of moving to Austin and then finding that you are still ineligible for residency after 12 months for residency! We are thoroughly familiar with the UT Austin residency requirements, and will help you find an Austin apartment, shared housing or other student rental properties and ensure that you qualify for residency in the shortest time possible.

Browse the current listings in Austin that are near the University of Texas campus to get an idea of some of the potential listings. Contact us today and we will help you find the perfect UT student rental in Austin!



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