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 Values, Technology, Superior Marketing and Local Insight.

The cornerstones to “your” Success!

I purchased my first investment property in Austin Tx back  in 2006.  I have since invested in properties in 5 states. Steve Johnson and Austin Manage are hands down,  the best property managers and brokerage services in Austin. Honest, efficient, and smart, they come up with creative solutions to problems,  and better yet, they avoid problems by both knowing their market and giving sound advice, even when it was,  “don’t buy”!  Steve steered us through the market crash in 2008  and advised us to purchase in 2010 when nobody else was.

Rory Scerri Marion – Ampere Capital

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Deciding who you will use to manage your investment properties will likely be one of the most important decisions that you make this year, take the necessary time to find the right team. Austin manage leverages our experienced and value driven management style with state of the art technology and superior marketing strategies, to ensure that your investment is performing to its highest potential.  As long time local members of our community, serving others and building relationships, we have built a team of  local professionals who care about their community.  With the power of Austin Manage on your team,  “You can be in the business of real estate investment and not the business of fixing toilets…” Referencing the bestselling book, RICH DAD POOR DAD.


Values and Experience

Austin manage is not here to baby sit your property while your gone, we are here to build a relationship with investors and use our expertise to maximize your profits. With an experienced, value driven staff, we stay on top of  market conditions and help you make informed decisions that result in long term profitability. Austin manage believes that if your not making money, neither should we, which is why we only charge a management fee on the money that we drive in. We utilize our years of experience, relationships with local agents, and proven analytics to stay ahead of market trends. This is why Austin Manage has maintained 100% occupancy for all campus area properties for 9 years running and continuously wins in this competitive market. In building this relationship,we treat our properties as if they were ours and constantly looks for ways to increase profitability and make your investment attractive to prospective renters.

Additional Services:

Property valuations

Investment Consulting

Property re-positioning

Superior Technology

At Austin manage, we firmly believe that technology is only as good as the person who is using it, and its starts with the values described above. With our state of the art technology, we are able to deliver clear communication, efficiency, and cost saving solutions that help ensure that both you and your tenants are receiving a class A experience. With the use of both owner and tenant portals, our clients and tenants have 24 hr access to their property information from anywhere in the world (Internet not included). We use clear and easy to read financial statements which are posted monthly to the owners portal and are accessible from the statement, when you first started managing your property with us. Clear communication is taken to a whole new level with all work orders being submitted in writing from the tenants portal creating a workflow from start to finish that is communicated from your property manager,  to the maintenance team, to the tenant,  and to the owner. Our experienced property managers are trained in cost saving solutions that provide the ability to first solve the problem, then call a technician, only when we have exhausted all other solutions.

(IE,  Tenant “my dishwasher has no power.” PM – Phone call “Have you accidentally turned of the switch located on the wall near the dishwasher?”  Tenant “Oh, yes that did it, thank you”.  No charge to owner,  just a simple phone call and solution that could have cost you $50 to $90 somewhere else.)

In other words, we still value the technology called the telephone and are not afraid to pick up the phone and solve a problem.

See some of the features from our property management website which you will use when you bring us on as your team.

Marketing Expertise

Austin manage delivers results driven marketing with our team of  agents at Realty Pros of Austin. Agents serve as your marketing team by placing multiple forms of advertising for your property and for you,  And our team only gets paid when they get your property leased. With cross platform traditional marketing and advanced syndication marketing we give you maximum market exposure in order to command higher rents. With signs, print, email marketing and good old fashioned word of mouth, we are able to spotlight your properties to both prospective renters and agents alike. We also understand the value of building strong relationships with agents by paying higher than average commissions (Without charging you more), making the process smooth (With online or paper applications),  and paying quickly. When it comes to technology, we dominate the market dominate the leasing market with MLS, Sydication to hundreds of sites,from zillow, Realtor.com, Austin Home search, Smart Locating (for agents without MLS access)  to Lovely, hotpads, and other lesser known sites. Whether its a sign in front of a yard or a sleek internet ad for an apartment complex when people are seeing Realty Pros, they are seeing your property! Beyond this, our online lease search is unparalleled.



Often overlooked as not important, we believe that being local and only taking on management within our area of expertise in paramount to our success and providing a first class experience that the national companies can’t touch. We are dedicated to the Austin community and we are committed to having long-term relationships with our vendors as well as our owners. It is with 12 years of local experience and relationship building that we are able to provide top service providers at a fraction of what the national brands are charging. We don’t have 1800 numbers in our contact list, we call the owners of the company directly.  Experience the difference Austin Manage provides and do not be fooled by nation chain promises with warehouse prices and service. Here at Austin Manage we are not property managers who are just sitting in an office 150 miles away from our properties. We are right here in Central Austin and will not accept any properties outside of a 10 mile radius of our office in order to save you money.

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We currently manage over 200 properties or varying product types, from studio sized condos, large single-family homes, to several multi-family apartment complexes. The principal and founder of RPA, Steve Johnson, has had over seven years of management, sales, and leasing experiences in this specialized market. Steve’s dynamic property management skill set brings a fresh approach to an old antiquated model, focusing on cutting edge technology, superior customer service, and a strong base in traditional values.


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